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Pretty Woman

Welcomes You
Are You LoneSome
Unchained Melody
Only You
Under The Board Walk
Light My Fire
Juke Box Hero
CowBoys To Girls
Piece Of My Heart
He Ain't Heavy
Ain't It Funny
Earth Angel
Dueling Bango's
Pretty Woman
Me And Bobby McGee
Goodbye Cruel World
Up On The Roof
Big Bad John


Pretty woman walking down the street
Pretty woman the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman
I don't believe you
You're not the truth
No one can look as good as you

Pretty woman won't you pardon me
Pretty woman i could'nt help but see
Pretty woman
that you look lovely as can bee
are you lonely just like me

Pretty woman stop a while
Pretty woman talk a while
Pretty woman give your smile to me
Pretty woman yeah, yeah, yeah
Pretty woman look my way
Pretty woman say you'll stay with me

'Cause I need you I'll treet you right
Come with me baby
Be mine tonight

Pretty woman don't walk on by
Pretty woman don't make me cry
Pretty woman don't walk away, hey

OK if that's the way it must be OK
I guess I'll go home it's late
there'll be tomorrow night, but wait
what do I see is she walking back to me

Yeah she's walking back to me
Oh pretty woman